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Camp Rules:

Approved 7/18/2013

  • These rules govern the use of the camping area on land owned by Cedar Lake Club. For the purpose of these rules the term “camping units” shall mean and refer to the mobile homes, trailers, camps or other personal items of any nature whatsoever owned by a member/tenant and placed on the campsite with the prior permission of the Club. These rules are in addition to the requirements for membership and camping units as set forth in the Bylaws.
  • Membership in the Cedar Lake Club is a requirement for ownership of a camping unit. For the purposes of this provision, the term “member” shall include a member and spouse. A member may own only one camping unit. New camp owners must provide the club with a bill of sale.
  • A camping unit is intended for the personal use of a member, member’s spouse and their unmarried children under the age of 25 years old. Members' guests may not occupy a camping unit unless the member is present and for no longer than 14 days per season. Camping units are available to be rented to members in good standing with the prior approval of the Club Manager between Memorial Day and Labor Day of each season. With permission from the Club Manager, a camping unit can be rented to another season long member in good standing. A temporary member with approval from the Club Manager can rent a camp unit for up to 14 consecutive days, 1 time per season. A camp owner can rent their camp unit to a temporary member 1 time per season for up to 14 consecutive days.
  • Members have a right to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their camps. Quiet hours are to be observed between the hours of 10 PM to 8 AM each day of the week. All animals must be safely and reasonably restrained so as not to interfere with the safety and welfare of other animals (or breeds thereof) known to have vicious propensities are prohibited.  No animal shall be left unattended outside a camp. Dog owners must clean up after their animals on Club property. Unruly disturbances will not be tolerated.
  • Camp fires may be built only in suitable fireplaces/fire pits which shall not be located in any area that results in a nuisance to others or may be a concern for proper containment. Fires should not be built during windy or breezy conditions which may result in irritation to other campers. In the event a fire is disturbing other campers, it shall be promptly extinguished, upon request. Fires shall not be unattended until extinguished. There shall be no burning of garbage or trash. There shall be no open burning of any kind, including leaves. The only permitted items to be burned are charcoal and raw wood. Camp fires are regulated by State and County Law for which the penalty for the first offence is severe.
  • Proposals for new construction, additions, alterations, removal or replacement must be submitted to the Camping Committee and approval obtained in writing before action may be taken. Forms are available in the club office for such proposals. Applicants are also responsible for obtaining a Building Permit from the Town of Litchfield in accordance with Town requirements. New camps may not be occupied until construction is completed. Each camping unit is limited to a total “Built Up” area of 900 square feet, unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors:   This area includes porches, decks, additions and sheds.
  • Each camping unit exceeding 900 square feet in area is subject to a yearly Camping Surcharge in addition to the normal Camping Fee. The surcharge shall be based on the real property tax allocated by the Board, the tax cost per square foot, and the excess square feet of the camp. “Built-Up” area includes 100% of all enclosed living areas, 25% of decks, 50% of lofts, sheds, screened porches, and 75% of all porches with windows. No camp area built prior to 2010 shall incur a surcharge rate greater than the rate incurred by previous rule. Camp living areas shall not exceed 1200 square feet. Existing camps with living area greater than 1200 square feet shall not be enlarged.
  • No camping unit shall be nearer than forty (40) feet to the nearest point of a neighboring camping unit. This provision shall not apply to any camp, mobile home or trailer in place prior to the effective date of these rules.
  • Trees may be cut down only with the written permission of the Camping Committee. Dangerous trees will be cut down at Club expense.
  • All camping units must be kept in good state of repair and shall conform to community standards. The exterior use area shall be appropriately maintained. All camps must be clearly numbered and be visible for easy identification. Garbage must be stored in covered cans, preferably of an animal proof type, in an inconspicuous area; disposal is the responsibility of the camper.
  • Water from the kitchen sink, bathtub and bathroom sink must be drained into an approved dry well. All other waste must be drained into a sealed holding tank having no drainage from it; either above or below ground. Connections and holding tanks must be inspected by the Camping Committee before they are covered. Septic systems are not allowed. Washing machines and dishwashers are permitted with discharge into a dry well. However, in the event there is any associated water quality deterioration within Cedar Lake, the Board of Directors may prohibit continued use of the washing machines and or dishwashers to any extent it deems appropriate.
  • Chemical toilets are not allowed in the camping area. Any other type of toilet facilities other than   water flush type must have the approval of the Board of Directors. Water flush toilets must be equipped with an anti-siphon ball cock.
  • Water connections to the main line are to be made and maintained at the camper’s expense. Each connection must have a valve with a side drain fitting; and the connecting line must contain a check valve.
  • SPEED LIMIT in the Camping Area is 10 miles per hour. Unlicensed vehicles other than golf carts are not allowed on Club property.       Vehicles shall not be parked on club roadways. For all aspects of safety and liability concerns, ALL OPERATORS OF GOLF CARTS MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER WITH A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE. Children are not permitted to ride in the rear of golf carts. Campers cart numbers must be visible and correspond with CAMP NUMBER. The color of the cart number must be RED.
  • After prior notification, the Camp Committee reserves the right to inspect camp units for noncompliance with the established rules and to notify said campers of the date by which the noncompliance is to be corrected.
  • No signs, fences, walls, or parking areas, embankments or excavations shall be erected or constructed without written permission of the camp committee. No unregistered vehicles may be stored outside any camp.
  • The Camp Committee may enforce the provisions of the rules even to the extent of (after proper notification), correcting the deficiency at the expense of the member.

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