Beach, Swimming Lessons & Pavilion

Cedar Lake’s private beach is operational from Memorial Day to Labor Day, weather permitting. Members and their guests are welcomed by certified lifeguards who are on duty from mid morning until dusk.

Alexis DePaul oversees operations at the Beach and designs an eventful calendar for members and guests throughout the summer months. Our lifeguard staff offer swimming lessons for juniors as well. The direct phone line to the Beach is (315) 839-5407.

Swimming Lessons:

From June until early July, our Head Guard will be performing brief swimming evaluations to accurately place swimmers into lesson categories based on their skill level. These reviews are performed daily from 11am - 12:30 pm and are completely free of charge.

Swimming lessons begin in early July and run for 6 weeks; lesson sessions are either Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays. Each lesson is conducted by one of Cedar Lake's certified life guards and strictly follows the guidlines laid down by the American Red Cross. Lessons are not only a great way to improve swimming technique but they allow participants to meet new friends and enjoy the company of other beach-goers. Upon completion of the swimming lesson each swimmer is invited to join in for a snack to re-charge their batteries! The best part about the entire instructional program is that it is completely free to all Cedar Lake members. Call (315) 839-5407 for more info or to schedule a lesson with one of our Life Guards.

Beach Rules and Regulations:

The Beach facilities of the Cedar Lake Club, Inc are operated for the enjoyment, safety, and comfort of all the members of Cedar Lake Club, Inc. To that end, the following rules will be strictly adhered to, as lifeguards are instructed to enforce them rigidly. Members are requested to aquatint themselves, their children, and their guest with these regulations and the necessity for compliance. Violations following warnings will result in suspension of beach privileges; repeated violations will be reported to the Board of Directors for appropriate action. The rules and regulations are as follows:

  • Swimming is allowed in Beach Area only, and only at times when lifeguards are on duty. The Beach will be open from 12 PM to 8 PM daily (weather permitting) and after the close of local schools in June, until the week of Labor Day.  Lifeguards will also be hired for days in May, June and September according to the weather and lifeguard availability.
  • Club members and their dependent children have unlimited use of the beach facilities without charge; however, each person using the beach must sign the attendance sheet. Each guest 6 years or older must pay a daily fee. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, guests must be accompanied by the sponsoring member. Persons residing within a 50 mile radius may be a guest only 4 times in any given year.
  • Lifeguards are on duty for your protection. Do not engage them in conversation or otherwise distract them. Swimming lessons will be offered during July. These classes will be based on the Red Cross categories and are free of charge for all members and their children. Watch the bulletin board for sign ups.
  • Lifeguards are not hired to be baby-sitters! No child under 16 is allowed on the beach without adult supervision. Parents of toddlers who are non swimmers must remain on lower sand area when child is in the water. There is no substitute for adequate supervision. You are your child’s first line of safety.
  • Clothing shall never be left in the bathhouse.
  • Additional clothing must be worn over swimwear outside the Beach Area.
  • No foods are allowed on the beach. The beach includes all sand, grass, and water inside the fence.
  • No glass containers or alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the beach area.
  • Animals, on or off leashes, are prohibited in the Beach Area.
  • Flotation devices are not allowed.
  • Playing tag or ball, throwing sand, pushing from float or docks, running on the beach, or other disorderly behavior is prohibited.
  • Boats must remain outside the Beach limits. Diving into Beach area from boats is forbidden. Each boat must be registered annually and pay and annual storage fee for each boat.
  • No fishing in the fenced-in Beach Area.
  • Members and guest are requested not to pick water lilies or other   seasonal wildflowers.
  • Refuse containers are located in the bathhouse. Members are urged to use the containers when disposing of papers, cans, smoking materials, etc. Children and guest should be instructed to do likewise.
  • Radios and other entertainment devices shall be kept at a volume that can be heard no more than 6 feet away.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed upon the Beach or in the direct vicinity of the fenced in area. This area must be kept free of vehicles for emergency and maintenance vehicle use.
  • No diving in water less than 8 feet deep. No entry into water or swimming in the water on the backside of the floating raft.
  • In case of an emergency, notify a lifeguard or the facility operator. A telephone is located in the bathhouse. Emergency numbers are posted by the phone.
  • Special circumstances will be taken into consideration. They should be taken to the head lifeguard so they can be taken to the Beach Committee.
  • Prior approval of the Beach Committee is required for fires on the beach. Any fires must have at least 2 adult members present during any fires.

Pavilion Use Policy:

The Pavilions in the Grove at Cedar Lake Club are for the use of its membership and their guest. On a daily basis, it is used on a first come first serve basis, with exception of dates reserved for large parties.  The rules for the Pavilions and picnic area are as follows:

  • Any member hosting a picnic with a group of people consisting of more than 11 persons must register with the general manager.
  • Sign up for desired dates shall be made at least one week in advance of the event. (The event calendar for both pavilions and the gazebo is kept in the General Manager’s office. Please see the Manager to book your requested Pavilion needs.)
  • A fee of $50.00 is required to book a pavilion for non member groups. Groups consisting of members only shall have no fee charged, but still must register with the General Manager for use of a pavilion.
  • The maximum size of any group shall be 50 people. This will insure enough picnic tables for all members wish to use the picnic grove area.
  • Any member scheduling a party for non-members in a pavilion must be in attendance while the party is going on.
  • The member sponsoring the use of a pavilion is responsible for all guest attendees’ conduct while on club property.
  • The pavilion and surrounding area must be cleaned up and all garbage removed from the area once the use of the pavilion is done.
  • Members using the pavilion are financially responsible for any damage done to club property. If staff has to clean up or repair the area, the sponsoring members will be billed for the cost of the clean up and repairs needed. Payment must be received within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  • Members wishing to use the picnic grove area for their family’s enjoyment with less than 12 people may do so without registering with the General Manager. (Remember that Pavilions are not on a first come first serve basis, if someone has reserved the pavilion for a party. Check with the General Manager to verify the availability of the pavilion.)
  • No garbage shall be left in the picnic grove area. Members are to remove all garbage once they are done using the facilities. If staff has to clean up the garbage, the member will be billed for that expense, at a rate set by the Board of Directors of Cedar Lake Club, with a minimum of one hour’s labor charged.

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